Extracting from multiple value field in a dynamic table

What's the best way to extract data from a multi-value field in a dynamic table? How would I be able to distinguish between records?

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You may have to adopt the index number list like

1.   Col1    Col2    Col3   Col4....
2.   Col1    Col2    Col3   Col4....
3.   Col1    Col2    Col3   Col4....
4.   Col1    Col2    Col3   Col4....
5.   Col1    Col2    Col3   Col4....
6.   Col1    Col2    Col3   Col4....

Use the index number 1 to 6 to extract the data

Good Luck

Please be more specific. Give examples if possible. This kind of questions is hard to answer since the reader have to guess what you're trying to do.
Hi ashik1,

In multivalue field values stored like values in an array. You can extract value by specifing its element.

For example, the multivalue field has the following value.


you can get the first value by using document property like this

variable = doc.getitemvalue("Fieldname")(0)

for to get n th value you can use the document property like this

variable = doc.getitemvalue("Fieldname")(n)

like this can extract value from multivalue field

Good luck,


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The solution I provided works like this

The I column is called index column, which is simlar to a RDBMS concept, whenever you try to reference a row in other columns you have to reference the index column and get the index position in the list and extract the data from other columns using that index,

eg: if u wan't to obtain the data for say row 5

Find the value in the index column by using @Member function, which will return the index postion and use that index to extract the data from other columns, say if u get index as 5, @Subset(@Subset(Col1;5);-1) gives u the value of the 5th row in the Col1, similarly u can apply the same format to other columns

If u need more explanation how to do that, let me know

W/B Regards,
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