Sharing .pst files within workgroup

Members of a workgroup want to save their .pst files to a common CD for archive / sharing purposes.
The .pst files must be readable by anyone who has access to the CD.
Currently - .pst files on the CD are accessable only by the original Outlook ID owner.
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michaelstanfordConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft Knowledge Base says that you can't open a PST file on a CD:

This behavior is by design. Because of the way that the Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook clients access these files, .PST and PAB files must be opened for read/write access in order to function properly.

If possible, remove the read-only attribute of the file prior to opening it. If the file is located on a shared network drive or on a CD-ROM drive, copy the file to your local hard drive and verify that the read-only attribute is not set.

This behavior usually occurs when a user attempts to access a .PST or PAB file located on a shared read-only drive or a file located on a CD-ROM drive."

Furthermore, I have had similar behavior even when the PST file was on the hard disk, when I was logged on as a user without permissions for that file.

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