Reducing the ntuser.dat file size

Is there a way for reducing your ntuser.dat file size? Mine is currently about 4.5mb and it takes a while to log in.
Dan SheridanSenior System Eng / vITMAsked:
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
4.5 MB is a 5 second download on 10 Mbit network - your problem probably lies elsewhere in your profile - Do you have a lot of files on your desktop?  Do you use Internet Explorer?  By default, IE saves it's temp files in your profile - and likes to use a great deal of space for these temp files.  Also, do you have a lot in your "Personal" folder?  
Tim HolmanCommented:
You could use local profiles instead ?
What's the total size of your profile ?
In addition to IE, there may be a mailbox file stored there too, which would be the real culprit.

The problem may be is the profile size, check out in system properties, if you profile is big generally is because the internet files are keeping in temporary internet files or in history or maybe you have a lot of icons in your desktop, check this if not working say us..
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Dan SheridanSenior System Eng / vITMAuthor Commented:
Nope, I have all my Temp Internet files going to the local hard drive. The total size of the profile is 4583kb and the ntuser.dat file is 3384kb. There are 12 icons on my desktop. The only thing that has much size is the *.wab file which is only 140kb.
Yes I understand that it could be a only a 5 second download, but I am running a p133 on a slow network. So I guess does anyone know what the is stored in the ntuser.dat file? Is there a utility that reduces the size of it?
Tim HolmanCommented:
NTUSER.DAT is the HKCU part of the registry.
Have you tried defragmenting it ?
You could try using the NTUSER.DAT in the Default User profile instead (and making it .MANdatory), but you'll lose all of your user settings, even though most stuff will still work OK (office, IE etc..)
Dan SheridanSenior System Eng / vITMAuthor Commented:
tried defragmenting what? the nt file or the system? and the answer is no. I don't have diskeeper and NT doesn't have a drfraggmenter, as you know.
Tim HolmanCommented:
You can get NTFS defragmenters, but I think I was barking up the wrong tree anyway.
Try creating a fresh user (this will inherit default user and all users profiles).
Is it still slow ?
If so, there's not much you can do about your problem, seeming a fresh user will have the smallest possible profile.
Dan SheridanSenior System Eng / vITMAuthor Commented:
No a fresh user profile is small and fast. I have had my profile for about three yrs with many modifications. So what your telling me is that If I was able to reduce the Current user section of the registery It should reduce the ntuser.dat file?
Tim HolmanCommented:
It certainly would !
You must have a huge amount of stuff in there.
You could try REGCLEAN or one of those other commercial products to get rid of invalid links.
Even though your temporary internet files go to your hard drive, there will be entries in the registry for all of them (I think) - so it may help to clear out the internet cache, dissolve the history folder etc.
Dan SheridanSenior System Eng / vITMAuthor Commented:
You mentioned using regclean. I use is often, but from looking at the files that it create for undo purposes, it doesn't do anything with current user section. Do you know why?
i use a program called fixit by mijenix
this defrags the registry and the harddisk (ntfs to ) also all system.dat files and user.dat files and this does help clean the registry up really good never had a problem after using it i reaaly do suggest trying it, even if only for the defraging of hard disks

so try and see what you think

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After deleting all the unwanted entries in HKCU you may want to consider the following...

One of the problems with the registry is that NT isn't very good at doing an 'internal defrag' on the registry hives.  As keys & values are added and deleted, you get gaps in the data file (just like any other database file).

One way to check this is to run regedt32 and select the HKCU hive, select the root, then "File|Save key".  Compare the file size of the exported file with the NTUSER.DAT file.  If they're vastly different then you've got lots of wasted space in the hive.

If this is the case you could then try (I haven't done this myself) logging in as a different user, rename ntuser.dat to in your profile directory. Then rename the exported file to ntuser.dat.

If it doesn't work, then you've always got the orginal file to rename back again.  You may have the careful to match the permissions on the exported file to the original hive file.

Dan SheridanSenior System Eng / vITMAuthor Commented:
Thanks Deviceman I did purchase this. I have had some success with this product. I still have a 18mb registry. Ouch. Oh Well

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