record mac toast images off PC?

Hi there, I have a quick question for all you experts out there..
how can I burn a mac toast image (suffix .img) on a PC, I heard this was possible..

please gimme a hand, need to record some important files from work sent in a mac image.

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More info. Not sure if you want to burn a mac file using pc hardware/software or you're trying to open a mac file on pc.
Both can be done.
InvalidAuthor Commented:
sorry, I must have phrased my question improperly,
On a mac they use an application called toast to make CD images, similar to how PC users make ISO images. I have been sent a mac image file, and need to copy the IMAGE [not just file] onto CD-R, thw drive resides in my PC only.. .
Any CD that you copy in the ISO 9660 format will be read by a mac.
If the image is on a cd simply duplicate cd as ISO 9660.
If its on another media, send to cd-rw as ISO.
Iso format is compatible to both systems.
Mac data won't be changed. Pc wont read it but not change either.It will retain all the mac info.
Toast is the mac vrs of say Adeptac CD-Writer.
If you are using Adaptec, just follow the prompts to write a cd that can be read in all computers.
Hope this answers your question.
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InvalidAuthor Commented:
I'm confusing people [or myself]
here we go
I have a mac SHRINKWRAP image, created on a mac, then sent to a PC to be burnt onto CD-R. because there is no burner on my mac.
it is a different formatted image then an ISO image, and I dont think I can bu rn it with any of the conventional PC softare such as CD-writer, or Easy CD creator.
Is there a way to convert the shrinkwrap image into an ISO image so I can burn it from the PC.


OK  So you want to copy a shrinkwrap file,  created on a mac of course, sent to pc by whichever method.
The file is now on the pc hard drive.
Put a disk in your writer, open Adeptac Easy CD, use the wizard and send that shrinkwrap image to the cd-rw.
Put the new CD-rw in a mac, and the mac will see it and read it if it has the right software to unwrap the image.
The ISO9660 method used to write the CD is compatible to both.
 Macs and pcs can see the files on the CD, but they cant read each other's files without specific software.
If you have the image on a floppy, then the pc has to be able to read mac floppies.
If the image is on a cd, simply duplicate the cd.
Just because the pc can't read the file, it doesn't mean that it cant copy it.
Are you trying to read the SW image or opening it or what?
If this doesn't answer you, give me specific details.
In a similar situation along the same line of questioning, at a diff group in Exchange, a user just gave me 800 points for the answers you have above.

Here's what he wrote for his final comment

"All I have to do is use Macintosh Toast. Within the application, I put everything I want to burn in the app. The, I choose "Create image".

I send this image to the PC's CDCreator, I use "Create CD from image". Then the CD will be created !!!

It works !"

Try it. It'll work for you too


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