4.11 Abends

I have a 4.11 for small business server that erratically abends. It will go for a month or more with out a problem, then it might abend two or three times in one day or once a day for two or three days in a row. Then it's OK for a couple of weeks and it might happen again. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to the activity at the workstations, which are 95 and 98 using Client 2.5 . The abends are always a double. First is a Page Fault Processor Execption. Second is a Bad Resourse Tag Passed to LSLreturnRcvECB. I really need help with this one...
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Run a tiny program from Novell called CONFIG.NLM.  It will gather basic information about your server and place it into a file called CONFIG.TXT.  The file will be in SYS:SYSTEM.

If you have one of the more recent patches installed, it was part of that.  If not, you can download it at: http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/show_information?FileName=tabnd2a.exe

Send me the CONFIG.TXT file.  My email is lpenrod@totalsystems.com.

This is interesting and I thank you for your input Ipenrod.  I am have a similar problem and just want to track the fix.  I reseated the memory modules and it has stopped but I am just wondering if what you posted will tell me anything.
Thank you for you patience.

Send yours too if you would like.

That file it creates is just alot of raw data.  But sometimes it speaks volumes if you know how to read it.

I probably won't get back to you until tomorrow night.
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From the messages you have It may be a Hardware problem with you network card or confict of some kind. Please try the following before you swap hardware of reconfure.

1/ check the min patch list ( don't skip this or you will waste time)

2/ Download the config.nlm and run it on your server.
Server Configuration Information Tool  (02NOV1999 TID 2954578)

3/ Download the config read and analyse the config.txt file.
CFGRD6B.EXE - NetWare Config Reader Ver 2.67  (14OCT1998 TID 2943247)

In most cases a driver is out of date or there was a patch that was not installed. Occationally you may need to modify server parameter to elevate a resource problem.

4/ Suggestions for Troubleshooting Abends.  (03DEC1999 TID 10017179)


Performance, Tuning and Optimization - Part 1  (17DEC1999 TID 2943356)

Performance, Tuning and Optimization - Part 2  (17DEC1999 TID 2943472)

Good Luck
If you need your config.txt file analysed the email it to mail and I will give you my oppion.


Dean Vincent
CNE 3, 4 & 5

gcottrellAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone for such timely responses. It will take a day or so to get back to the office where this problem exits. As soon as I do, I'll get back to you...

Thanks again,
gcottrellAuthor Commented:
to lpenrod:

I tried twice to send you the config.txt file by E-mail and both times it was undeliverable. Have you a new E-mail address and if so, what is it?


Try lpenrod@idir.net

gcottrellAuthor Commented:
Though I appreciate your thoughtful suggestions (most of which I had already done), lpenrod stayed in constant contact with me to help me ferret out this pesky little problem. For his help, I'm going to award the points to him.
Apply the latest service pack and find the most recent drivers.


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