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We are about to install a ADSL line here, however what we want to do is limit people's bandwidth on it. For example the line I think is 2Mb. There are 30 people in the office, I would like 2 people in here to share 1Mb of it and the other 28 to share the other 1Mb. Is there any software or hardware solutions for this?
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, done some more research and digging and aparrently there is no way to do it if TCPM doesnt cut it. I did find that Linux will allow you to "throttle" incoming and outgoing traffic though it wasnt recommended on anything less than a 10Mbit connection nor is it easy to set up. If youre desperate to do it there is a distribution of Linux for mac at

I also found some hardware thatll do it.... ...Aparrently its expensive and again isnt recommended for slower connections but it is a solution. The network guru who told me about packeteer said "packeteer is leet"...i guess thats good..heh
Sure, Its called TCPM and is available from ...Im not sure whether it will let you limit bandwidth on an IP basis but if you mixed it with IPNetRouter from (to do your routing) you could set up two different IPs for the two different parts of the network and only limit one of those ports.
BatemanAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 100
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BatemanAuthor Commented:
Looks good apart from I think it only puts limits on the amount downlaoded, not the speed. I am using Vicom Internet Gateway over a ISDN link at the mo so I presume I can set up 2 different IP's on that, it is just the limiting of connection speed that is causing the problem.
I agree that there is no cheap way to throttle speed connections.

Another way to do the same kind of thing is network design. Connect your ADSL to a switched hub. Put all your slower demand clients on a hub and connect it to one port on the switched hub. Then put each of the two high speed clients on their own ports of the switched hub.

In principle this does not limit the individual speeds of the individual clients but everyone on the hub on one port of the switched hub will combine to limit themselves (as per 100ms only one request will make it in our out for all 28 or so.) Also all in house traffic among the 28 will again limit their access speed over time. Meanwhile the two fast clients on their own ports on the switched hub will have equal access to all the other 28 combined.

Now if only one person of the 28 is on they will get equal access with the two fast clients. On the other end of the situation if one or two among the 28 sends an enormous print job or file transfer he may come close to completely locking down that leg of the network for all 28 people.

If this particular design locks things down too  much then split the 28 onto two hubs on two ports of the switched hub. Or you may have someone in the group who is a heavy network user and you will need to decide if he can be a fast client.

You could also see about making the 28 section of the network 10BseT rather than 100BaseT but that's wont matter as much with a couple meg ADSL.
BatemanAuthor Commented:
Cheers weed and also Steven K for your help
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