what do i choose?

i want some one to help me ,i have aproject about network monitoring and i have two choise the first in delphi language , the other in visual c++ please help me to choose one and why?
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You haven't given enough information for anyone to answer this question.

So much depends on your background and experience.  Are you a seasoned C++ programmer or have you never touched it?  Are you familiar with Pascal?  What kind of Windows programming experience do you have?

I prefer VC++ and think that Delphi is hard to use and understand.  But that's mostly because I've programmed in C and then C++ for more then 10 years and am very comfortable with it.  I've never learned Pascal/Dephi and so it's foreign.

The bottom line in my opinion is that either can do the job but which one is better depends more on YOU than anything else.
Assuming there's nothing special in Delphi that would greatly simplify the coding of your specific projects, I would probably choose VC for the simple reason that there is significantly more support available for VC than for Delphi.

Yes, there are a number of Delphi sites out there and experienced Delphi folks here on EE. But for VC there are far more sources for support, tips, help, and, often, most importantly, sample code.
Hi abeer,
   You must must decide what project to do. Only then the question of language comes in.
   If your project is based on Device driver devolopment or some such system software devolopment then VC++ would be the first choice.  However if you are devoloping some client side of a application choose whichever language you are more comfortable.

     I am one of the few Delphi/Pascal guys which also know a little bit of C/C++. I think you should choose Delphi because, it is not very popular, but it is much easier to use.  It is primarily drag and drop. So, I would reccomend C/C++ if you want to be a programmer, but I would reccomend Delphi if you just want to write a quick program now and then...

Hope I was of Soem Help...


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