Debugging with DBMon

I need DBMon to debug an ISAPI extension DLL that I'm writing in Delphi, but I can't find it on the MSDN CDs (where it should be).  

Since I'm tired of searching for it : Could somebody send me DBMON.EXE for Windows NT ?  You can email it to  Thanks.

Or does somebody know an other way to view OutputDebugString messages.  The Delphi event log is no good since I can't use it for ISAPI DLLs.

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LischkeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Lecossois,

better you go to and download DbgView for Win9x and WinNT written by Mark Russinovich.

Ciao, Mike
lecossoisAuthor Commented:

Great site with a lot of useful tools !!  And DbgView is exactly what I'm looking for.

LischkeCommented: of my favourite sites :-)

Ciao, Mike
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