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How can I tell where my memory is used?

Is purify the tool that I want?  

I assume that my memory usage is primarily on
the heap (i.e. malloc'd) but I am not 100% familiar
with the code that I am llooking at so I don't
rule out some stack space problem.

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What does that all mean?
klopterAuthor Commented:
malloc() allocates memory on the heap.
malloc() is used when you don't know
how much memory you will need in advance
and when memory is only needed temporarily.

free() de-allocates memory from the heap.
Every call to malloc() should be
paired with a call to free()
when the space malloc'd is no longer needed.

In C++, new replaces malloc, and
delete replaces free.

Note:  This description is sloppy and
will undoubtably irritate someone.

What exactly is the problem you are experiencing?
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klopterAuthor Commented:
Virtual memory size exceeded.

I discovered that I can get more space
by typing "limit datasize 2000M" but
this is only a temporary fix at
some point I am going to have to
figure out exactly where my memory usage
is and whether I have a memory leak.

R U using a RTOS or any propritery OS, because some systems such as NUCLEUS RTOS gives a variable called first_available_memory which indicates how much memory is left out. In the same way this system calls are propritery to the OS. Just I like to know on which platform you are working.
You can eliminate the stack as a source of your problem by the error you indicated.

What programming platform are you using?
klopterAuthor Commented:
My platform is a Compaq true64 Unix or something like that.
I don't know if purify is available for
this platform...
If you have the source code for your
program you can try out
dmalloc (http://www.dmalloc.com/)
it is free, and it can keep
a detailed log of all malloc and
free calls ( including strdup etc.)
I do not know if it runs on a 64bit platform


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