Poser 4, animation formats...

When creating a Poser 4 .AVI animation, a combo box appears with the types of video decompressor I can use.

Some are:
Indeo R3.1
Indeo Video 5.04
Video 1
(But there are others)

What type is the best type to use for 1 render of 900x900 pixels @30 fps?

And is there any way of using an MPEG compressor with it?
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boom23Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here you go http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmedia/. Oh by the way the mpeg4 codec only requires MPG4C32.dll from windowsmedia software, it dll is 133k zipped, but the software is around 4mb. So if you want my mpg4c32.dll please ask. It's the latest version.
With AVI files, I think that Indeo Video 5.07 is the best codec, not sure if 5.04 is the same as 5.07.  Make sure you have quick compress box ticked in your indeo configuration.  And also I think you can use MPEG compressor with that. Have you got any of mpeg4 codec? Try using both codecs and see which suits you best. You'll get slightly better quality with indeo codec. Hope this helps.
Lab_RatAuthor Commented:
Thanks boom23, I don't have any mpeg4 codec's, so if you can give me a download site/s, I'll up the points to 75, and accept you'r comment as an 'A' answer :)

(Thursday probably)
Lab_RatAuthor Commented:
Please, can you post it to:
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