Formatting HD After Partitioning

I partitioned my 15 GB HD into a 964MD Dos partition and the remainder on an extended partition.  After rebooting, I ran Format c: /s.  The program started and didn't give the percentage completed, but a statement that said,"Trying to recover allocation unit 13,444.  The allocation unit number began incrementing, and continue for over an hour, until I got tired of waiting and shut the system down.

Does anyone know what caused this and how to fix it?
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sounds to me like you have a KAPUT hard drive, take it back and get another.

the causes can be several, physical damage (dropped, moved while spinning, cat played with it), media (platters) marginal to begin with, heads goobered up.

It could be dead, or the MBR could have gotten lost or corrupted.  Try to fdisk the mbr (Master Boot Record by typing fdisk /mbr at the command prompt, then partition your drive and try to format it again.  If you get the same problem, oldgreyguy is right and it is kaput!

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It might be a drive incompatability problem with MSDOS. What OS are you running (any other than MSDOS?). Do you have a BIOS fix to use the whole drive?
What OS boot disk are you using?
its almost 99% fatal but you could low level format ...and i repeat it will probly turn it to a trotline weight, but as a last resort you could try it and i mean last resort  here is where u can get the utitlity
You must for the beginning check the Bios configuration of the HD (put Auto - Auto in the main first screen).
Try to format again and check the HD using a utility as NDD.EXE with HD surface test. If You got again errors it means who the HD have a fisical damage so You must look in the site of the HD factory es: if is Western Digital for a Utility for check the HD. The WDC (if  Western Digital) utility can give You a defect code who allow You to retrive a RMA number for Guaranty return of the HD to the Factory.
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