Smaller Setup Files?

I made a very very simple program that I want to send to friends but they are always missing the VB run time files.  Is there a way to make a file where I can just send it out?  I don't want them to HAVE to run a setup program.
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VB programms required run time files they don't use the compiler like C++ where you don't need it.
You have no choice. You'll have to build a setup and have them run it at least once. After they've installed it the first time you can just send them the .EXE as you make changes. If you add a new control that requires additionall .DLL's or .OCX's  you'll have to rebuild the SETUP and install again.

Sorry. This is how it works by design.


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treyjeffAuthor Commented:
I'd give you both marks but can only give one.  That quite frankly sucks about VB :)
Well it does and it doesn't. Yes, it's a PITA that you can't just ship a .EXE file out and expect it to run on a "cold" install, but there is a method to their madness.

You see by sending the .DLL's along with the app you can be sure that the target system gets the correct support files no matter what particular flavor of windows they have. The SETUP.EXE program is smart enough NOT to overwrite the files on the target system if the target has newer versions.

Also, if you compiled everything into one (gonna be HUGE) .EXE then you essentially "freeze" the program with the configuration on *your* development box. This would limit printer selections, etc. By shipping the .DLL's seperately the .EXE size is kept wayyyy down and if the target system gets new stuff over the development box, your software automatically gets the enhancements too. No recompiling, no fiddling.

This allows the OS to grow and all the programs to track right along with it. This is part of M$'s "infinitely extensibly" OS design concept. It's a good idea, occassionally poorly implemented.

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