Please recommned Tutorials..

I have MS VC++ 6
I am fluent in VB, and know a little pascal, i wish to start making windows applications in C++

Can anyone recommend any good tutorials i can download from the net, or suggest some good sites?

(Best Link/Site gets the points)

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The best I can recomend for VC++ is actually a book.  It beats anything I've seen online because it shows how to do _everything_ you would want in MFC.  All the sites I've been through don't have this much coverage because they only post things that are speciallized, things that are tricky or difficult.  They don't cover "normal" usage.

The name of the book is "Programming Microsoft's Visual C++" by Kruglinsky.  After reading/working the first 4 chapters you should be able to jump anywhere in the book and plug the examples into any app you are working on.

if you email me I can send you a few tutorials.  

below is microsofts link, I don't like it too much though.

richardjonesAuthor Commented:

Thanks, but i dont have your email address. mine is:

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