I need to upgrade my RAM by 64 more SDRAM.  I have 32 MB SDRAM in a DIMM slot.  I have only one other DIMM slot available.  My Motherboard accepts PC-100.  
   I’m handicapped and live in a nursing home so I am unable to open my computer and I can’t get any help from to company the computer came from.  But I think I will be able to find someone to install the RAM.  I found some fair prices on RAM with lifetime guarantees on the internet.

   My question is, what all do I need to know before picking out and buying RAM?

My system is:
Microsoft Windows 98 4.10.1998
AuthenticAMD AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor
74% system resources free
Windows-managed swap file on drive C (339MB free)
Available space on drive C: 339MB of 3234MB (FAT32)
My Motherboard is a VA-305+
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briancassinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here are some websites with good information about buying and installing ram 

these two sites should answer all of your questions on ram
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