cheats for "The Sims"

I want some cheats (specially money cheats) for "The Sims". windows 98 is the platform I want the cheats for.
I want to boost the funds of the family I am working on currently and not that of the city or something!
If any body knows some I'll be glad to give him an A. Also I'd like if he/she also gives me some links to some hints page, tutorial or things like that. But the main thing is CHEAT CODES for "THE SIMS"
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Some cheats are:
Hold down:shift, ctrl, alt, c. To enter the cheat screen.
Now enter a code below

KLAPAUCIUS-gives you 1000 dollars
WATER TOOL-you can put water around your home
SET HOUR-set (1-24) what time you want to get up
SETSPEED-(-1000 to +1000)
INTERESTS-it will let you change your personalitys and interests
AUTONMY-let's the sims to think on their own (0-100)
GROW GRASS-make the grass tall or short
MAP EDIT ON-self explanitory on
MAP EDIT OFF-self explanitory off
ROUTE BALOONS ON - Enable basic tutorial
ROUTE BALOONS OFF - Disable basic tutorial
LOG MASK - Event logging mask set
DRAW ALL FRAMES ON - Draw all frames
DRAW ALL FRAMES OFF - Disable draw all frames
TILE INFO ON - Show tile info
TILE INFO OFF Hide tile info
SWEEP ON - Enable ticks
SWEEP OFF - Disable ticks
Press shift+ctrl+alt+c then ! - Repeats last cheat code entered
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