Creating an ADO recordset in C++

Posted on 2000-02-08
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Last Modified: 2008-03-17
I need sample code to show me how to build my own ADO recordset in VC++.  So, I need to create a blank recordset, append field names, open the blank recordset without having a live connection, add new values to the fields I created, and then update the recordset.
Question by:Fantino
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Accepted Solution

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#import "c:\archivos de programa\archivos comunes\system\ado\msado15.dll" no_namespace implementation_only rename("EOF", "EndOfFile")      

        _RecordsetPtr pRs;
        _variant_t vNull;
            pRs.CreateInstance(__uuidof( Recordset));
            pRs->CursorLocation  =  adUseClient;
          pRs->CursorType      = adOpenStatic;
          pRs->Fields->Append(_T("field1"), adBSTR, sizeof(BSTR), adFldUnspecified);
            pRs->Fields->Append(_T("fieldint2"), adInteger, sizeof(int), adFldUnspecified);
          pRs->Fields->Append(_T("field3"), adBSTR, sizeof(BSTR), adFldUnspecified);

            pRs->Open(vNull, vNull, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic, adCmdUnknown);

          pRs->Update(_T("field1"), _variant_t((char*)"Value") );
            pRs->Update(_T("fieldint2"), _variant_t((long) 5) );
          pRs->Update(_T("field3"), _variant_t((char*)"Value") );  

          pRs->Update(_T("field1"), _variant_t((char*)"Value2") );
            pRs->Update(_T("fieldint2"), _variant_t((long) 3) );
          pRs->Update(_T("field3"), _variant_t((char*)"Value2") );            

      catch(_com_error &ce ){
             char szMsgEvent[256] ;
             sprintf(szMsgEvent,"CreaRecordSet: "
                                   "Description : %s "
                          "Message     : %s "
                          "HResult     : 0x%08x ",
                           (char*) ce.Description(),
                                   (char*) ce.ErrorMessage(), ce.Error());

I hope this help you!!!!



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