I want to place a graphics on a web page, that when clicked, performs the back function like the 'Back' button IE toolbar.

Can anyone help me?
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are you looking for the source code?  do you want Java, Javascript, or HTML?  There are many different ways to do this but they all differ a little bit.  Do you want the back button to take the viewer to the last page they were on regardless of what page it was or do you want it to go ack to the specific page on your site?
Try this:

<A href="#" onClick='history.go(-1);return(false);'><IMG src="back.gif" border="0"></a>
.. and if you want it to go to a specific page:

<A href="thespecificpage.html"><IMG src="back.gif" border="0"></a>
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ouch!  that's my toes!
Sorry, didn't mean to step on them -- but the code for both cases was  short.  However, usually Back buttons of this nature have more complex requirements.  afpcos will have to comment on that.  :)
<script language=Javascript>
function test()
<a href="javascript:test()">
<Img src="test.gif"></a>
I test it it work fine

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I'm with Mr Knight on this one! It's hardly a complex question! Just a little trick you don't know how until you know it (mmm that last sentence sounds like crap...but anyway).
speaking of tow-stepping...   ;)
Mr Rehman, look at the complexities of javascript, look at your complex, what a total overkill surely this would be better written in a java applet on a dedicated sun sparc web server :-)

as KEK said..
<A href="#" onClick='history.go(-1);return(false);'><IMG src="back.gif" border="0"></a>

Same job half the code..

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