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I have an atl object that I'm trying to debug from ASP.  I've had some answers as to how to debug the code, and I've tried them but to no avail.  I'm fairly new to ATL, and not so new to asp.  If someone had some explicit instuctions on how to do this I would very much appreciate it.  I've read in MSDN about attaching the the inetinfo process in VC and stepping in but I haven't been able to get that to work.  The other suggestion that I've had is to register this object with MTS and debug like that.  I would love to hear more about either method or a new one, but I'm afraid that I need a bit more detail than someone who has allot of experience with ATL.


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juansanchezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Drag and Drop the ATL COM in a MTS package,

Add MTS exe PATH in project->settings->debug->"Executable for debug session"


AND in the "Programs arguments" Add the COM's CLSID(in MTS package over ATL COM rigth click->properties)


Click OK

Set breakpoints in your code..

press F5

Open your Browser and call your asp that uses the ATL COM

Debug stop in the first breakpoint

is a god method, I use this


cshebibAuthor Commented:
I've created a simple ATL object that returns a string to me in ASP.  I registered it as an inproc server in MMC.  It still won't step into the code for me.  I also tried to place a DebugBreak() line in the code where I want to step in but it blew up on me from the browser.  Does anyone have any ideas at all - there must be a step that I'm missing somewhere.


cshebibAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for the answer.  I just found the article that explains this technique last night and got it working. It is a very good technique, and you explained it very well.

Thanks again,

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