UDP handle via TCP connection

Can I redirec, relay or proxy UDP via a TCP connection? I know that SOCKS4 cannot handle UDP and there are some tools can be used to handle UDP. I behind a firewall which does not allow UDP, can I use SOCKS applications needed UDP via SOCKS TCP connection ? (I can access to a SOCKS5 server)
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webblConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unix guys please do not shoot me but MS Proxy can handle UDP with use of the Winsock Proxy Service. Otherwise have your clients use hide mode nat on the external interface of the firewall, not forgetting to allow the required ports through.
I don't think you can do that. What exactly are you wanting to do that needs UDP through the firewall? Perhaps there's another way to accomplish it.
No00Author Commented:
Exactly, I want to use some services such as ICQ, AIM, with voice chat. Anyway to accomplish ??
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That's pretty much what I thought you wanted to do.

More than likely, UDP is being blocked at the firewall specifically to block this kind of traffic (from security and/or bandwidth considerations). If this is the case, the network managers don't want users those protocols to be used. About all you can do is to contact the network administrators and see if they will allow UDP on those ports to your system.
(answers from beyond the pub)

Sounds like you want to listen to streaming audio, and chat, while you are supposed to be working.....

UDP and TCP are two diffferent protocols... Most people disable UDP thru' the firewall because there is almost never any real reason to allow it...(except for NTP peers)

You could write a UDP/TCP proxy but I dont think there is one already...

Because of the way the UDP takes priority over TCP in most routers, external UDP packets willl most likely be dropped...

work when you are at work....
Comment of 02/10/00 is the answer
I expect that you rejected the answer without comment, because you just really want a way to do something that that you can't. The only other comment you got said basically the same thing, and that's about all you'll ever hear.

If the network admins don't want those services comming through their network, you won't be able to do it, period.
Now, is it an academic question?
Since it's not a problem setting up a tunnel for this problem.
You'll need two nodes though, one behind the firewall, and one infront.
If this is possible, I can explain how the solution could be achieved.
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