Mac SE/30 boot disk+Linux distribution??

Hi there,
While cleaning out my closet I found my good ol' Mac SE/30, I have a LAN set up right now and could use this thing, when I boot it up I get that nice *sad mac* image, the code tells me there is system probs, so I want to get my hands on a BOOT DISK (shrinkwrap image) so I can at least boot off a floppy and make an attempt to fix it.
also, I am looking for a Linux distribution that will run on that baby, and a URL or when I can download it..
best regards,

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andyringConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See my above post as the answer.
OK, for starters, you can download disk images from Apple's ftp site. Pick your system version (6.x, 7.x).

As for making Linux run on it, check out this site:

Good luck, keep us posted.
Andyring: go ahead and post that as an answer so we can clear this Q out.
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