Kernel module problem

I compile a kernel module on my computer and when I do insmod . I get a message saying that it iwas compiled for a 2.0.x version,while teh current kernel version is 2.2.x.

I guess I have to change the include files for this. What do I change and where can I get them ? Do I need a new version of glibc? I am using gcc version
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They are in the modutils tarball and you can get the from or any of the mirrors.
Have you looked at the source for the module to see where it's getting the kernel version? I've run across stuff that had the kernel version hard-coded before.
What version of the kernel was insmod compiled for - get the latest 2.2 module utilities set, it'll probably fix things - it didi for me.

girishwAuthor Commented:
Where can i get the module utilities set and what
are the files I need to get?
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