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I would like to learn UNIX and am starting with "The UNIX Programming Environment" by Kernighan and Pike. But I don't have a UNIX kernel, and my PC runs on an NT. I need to have access to UNIX server for me to try what the book says. Is there a UNIX server I could connect to?.. maybe using Telnet and try the stuffs in the book?
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You could always get a copy of Linux and put it on your PC. If you've got the disk space and reasonable hardware you can have both OS's ab boot either.
TroyRAuthor Commented:
My PC is a company PC. I could not just add anything in it.
Besides I don't have enough space also.
If your computer has a network connection you can connect to a Unix server using telnet program.

telnet <machine name> or
telnet <ip address>

There are other programs that emulates a terminal like KEA! ( from Attachmate Company ).

Do your company have a Unix server, doesn't  it ?
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TroyRAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have a network connection and I have telnet, I even have KEA. But I don't have an account on our UNIX server.
So I was thinking if there's a UNIX server I could connect to outside my company. Is there ?
TroyRAuthor Commented:
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TroyRAuthor Commented:
Any takers ?
Ok, so you can't install a complete dual-bootable copy of Unix on your PC at work, you won't be able to do much if you boot it off of a floppy disk, and you don't know which machine to use for telnet access.

Seems like a bit of tricky one, but there are a couple of solutions.

The best thing to do would be to set Linux up to use a file on your PC (rather than a chunk of the hard disk), so no reformatting is required. Take a look at the Linux FAQ's on how to do that, but it's not the ideal way (I've always avoided this). If you're constrained as to disk space (You'll still need several hundred of Mb), you're still stuck.

The solution I think you'll like (for now) is to download CygWin from: - It provides a Unix operating environment (right down to the command shell, compilers and linkers), and requires only 100Mb of space, and no reformatting, because it's installed under NT. It's free too! (Distributed under the GPL). The only thing you're missing is the window environment.


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