Microsoft VB Exam ....

Hello Everyone...

Some time in the next couple of weeks, I am planning to take the Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Exam.

I have been preparing for this exam in the last two months, and now having met most of Microsoft Visual Basic Learning Objectives, I would like you, whoever took this exam, to breifly explain it to me.

In your answer, please consider the following questions:

- How is the exam constructed? (i.e., multiple choice, writing code)

- How do you rate the difficulty of the exam? (ie, between 1 and 5, 5 is the hardest)

- What advice would you give me before applying for the exam?

Any additional information would be considered and appreciated.

Thanks ahead.
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First, you should considere taking the VB6 exam (70-175 - Desktop app).

I took the 70-175 and to answer your questions :

1)  Multiple choices, and some questions require multiple answer (ex.: Select two answer in a, b, c, d, e)

2) rate : Easily 4,5 (mostly hard.  You have to be prepared very well.  Microsoft try to make you fail the exam.  They give no chance.)

3) Advise : If you have MSDN Library, read those sections : Visual Basic Documentation,  'Using Visual Basic'.  If you read and understand all of it, there's many chances that you pass the exam.
5.0 ?????? Are u nuts ?
It's going to disappear end of this year! Why don't you try VB6 ? Exams 70-175 and 70-176 ? see
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
If you have a chance to take practice exam from Transcender (, go for it. These practices are about the exact same thing has real exam.

I agree with roverm that you should focus on VB6.
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While I agree with roverm, you guys have to remember that mhdhallak might not be the one who gets to make this decision.

I work for a 60,000-person multinational corporation that uses Lotus Notes 4.5.3.

Two years ago, I worked at a newspaper that used Lotus Notes 4.6.

Last year, I put Lotus Notes R5 on my PC at home.

While I would love the opportunity to work in R5, it would be difficult for me to convince my bosses that any training or certification for Domino 5 would be worth their investment. By the time they're ready to move to R5, the company will be full of people who have learned it elsewhere. Heck, we just upgraded to Word 97 in December!
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
But in the case of VB exam, the VB6 Desktop exam and the VB5 exam are quite the same (I passed both)!
If you're going to try 70-175:

- the P & D Wizard very hard, how to depley to the web, just a ocx and so on,
- the properties of the ListView and TreeView object (like .ListItem.Add)
- when you're in doubt: choose the most 'microsoft' answer as possible !
- if you can: Visual Basic Fundamentals
- debug, local and watch window(s)

Good luck !

mhdhallakAuthor Commented:
You guyz really scaerd me. I was sort of optimistic about taking the exam, but now, I have to go back and think again.

So, half of you think that I should take the VB 6 exam rather than 5. The problem is that I have not yet upgraded to VB 6 (I can though). But then, I have to restudy it. Is there so many new features or built-in funcitons in VB 6?

You mentioned something about P & D Wizard, and i am not really sure what that is? Where do i find it?

How can I get the MSDN Libarary?

I think I will go for the 70-175 Exam. So if you have additional comment to make, I would reaaaaaly be thankful to you.

mhdhallakAuthor Commented:
Oh, I mistakenly check the Accept Answer option button for freq (although freq's answer was pretty good).

Can you guyz still answer my question although the points have transfered to freq's account!?
Yep, we still can, however, we don't get the point anymore.... :-((

The Package & Deployment Wizard:
In VB5 you've got the Setup Toolkit (or so), in VB6 the P&D Wizard.
It's a bit more advanced than the setup toolkit. When you install VB6 the P&DW is automaticly installed.

MSDN: see

You can check out the Package & Deployment Wizard there !

Good luck on the exam !

Here's the exact URL for MSDN :

(See Visual Studio -> Visual Basic -> Using VB.

Good luck !
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