Error starting Windows caused by C++ installation

Please see Q.10292318 in the 'Windows 95' section for 50pts if you have some ideas:

I am getting an error dialog appear when I boot Windows 98, it started to occur after I had installed MS C++ from Visual Studio. What happens is that the desktop does not show, only an error dialog titled 'Rpcss' and reads "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down", it has the normal 'Close', Debug', and 'Details' buttons.

The Debug button when pressed use to bring up the splash screen for C++ (and at some time C++ was then automatically starting). I removed C++ using the VS setup. Now I get the same error box, and if I press the close button the screen is a blank desktop, but if I wait the MS internet dialup box appears, if I click cancel on that then desktop appears and I'm in.

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SunBowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, I'll take a brief look,, winding down.  I don't have '98, and just loaded VC on NT today.  Past exp. showed problems if MSDN got out-of-sync. (help?)
IMHO, Trash and reload without msdn.
I did notice it demands IE4 and runs it a lot even when help not used.
So you may want to consider the stability of your browser as well. I'll go check Q.10292318 if I can remember how.
rpc? Win98/Win95? Try reviewing your network properties. I can't take the time now to cruise your other post. M$ had a number of patches for rpc issues, you may want to recheck there. But you posted to Win 95 area for issue booting Win98?  This not that clear.
ncwAuthor Commented:
It is Windows 98, but ee's Windows 98 topic appears under the Windows 95 section heading (see the home page). My other post was the same as this but offering more points.

The problems started after installing Visual Studio's C++.
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