PCI internal modem and Internet connection problems

I have install a PCI modem on my PC Celeron 366 MH with 128 MB ram with Windows 98.
The modem by standard installation (from it's CD) take COM1 serial port who I have disable from bios, but use IRQ 11 (not IRQ 4! I can't change it!!).
In any case the modem is properly working if I connect to a BBS, but if I try to connect to Internet by a Provider (I have try more than one!), or lost the connection, or hanging without found the server...
I don't know if the problem came because the IRQ is different from 4, or if came for a different case...
Is not first time who I found this problem, and it came only with internal modems and usually  with  new PCI modems.

Somebody get a same problem?

Tank for Your Help.
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Have you set IRQ 11 in the BIOS to Legacy? This should force the modem to move it to a different IRQ. See what happens if it moves.
VNSGNE0Author Commented:

Tank for Your try.
Yes I have try to set not only IRQ 11 to Legacy bat also IRQ 10, 9 and 5 but the IRQ 4 is take by the PCI sound card or by the video card...
In the last case (11,10,9,5 IRQ to Legacy) I have got a conflict who don't leave more Windows to boot until I put off  the modem card...
What kind of mouse do you have?
If you have a PS/2 or USB no problem, if you have a serial and it is on COM1 try switching it to COM2.
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Oh, why did you disable the com port in your BIOS? try enabling it then remove the com device in device manager and install the modem software.
Is there something else using IRQ4??
Whoops, I see the sound or video is using IRQ4, can you move "it" to IRQ 11? And free up IRQ4 for the modem?
VNSGNE0Author Commented:

The Mouse is PS2, the serial ports COM1 and COM2 are both free and unused.
If I enable again the COM1 when Windows boot reinstall the COM1.  If I remove the COM1 from device Manager, when Windows Boot reinstall the COM1 (plug & play).
If I have both COM enable, the modem installation make a new com port es. COM5 and use IRQ11
VNSGNE0Author Commented:

Nothing alse are using the IRQ4.
For change the sound card up to IRQ11 the probelm is similar as the modem card because is PCI.
when you install the modem and it uses new com port 5 ,irq 11 , as long as it works properly and passes the dianostics test ,its ok ( I assume you know how to run the dianostics ,control panal,modem, highlite modem and click more info )
anyway you said it works properly and hooks up to BBS ,now comes my stupid Question ,do you in fact have a contract with a service provider ,if you do,,, have you intered the DNS ##'s correctly ,password,user name,
the reason I asked you said you have tried several providers.....
VNSGNE0Author Commented:

Thank for Your tentative.
Yes I know how to make diagnostic tests to the modem, and it or with COM1 or with COM5 (using every time IRQ11) pass the tests without problems; in fact it can easy connect properly  to BBS (so means it's able to make the telephone number and to answer & negotiate the connection with the other modem...).
The reason of the several providers is because here in Italy, starting from september 99' some providres give free access to INTERNET, so if I know the tel.number the User id and the pass mine or of some friends, I can use it  to create a new connection. Only TIN (italian provider) have DNS number... and I have add it correct to the connection protocol definition.
But what I can undestend is why before that's connections (using ISA internal modem) was properly working and now using PCI modem don't (I have switch the new modem in every connection...)
this is a lot of trouble but it might help,
remove sound,modem,and any com ports other than com1 or com2 from device manager
shutdown and take out sound card and modem then boot up
then shutdown and reinstall just modem and see if it will go where you want it ,com3 irq4 or whatever
get it working then install sound card
also may I add that it is not allways easy to dialup someone elses provider using their name and password

one other comment ,I have 4 computers ,2 that i use regularly ,these 2 have ISA usrobotics 56k modems and both use com3 IRQ5  one of the other comp(466 mhz) has 56k PCI modem (dont remember name)and it is on com1 IRQ4 ,but when I place the PCI into one of my regular comp it goes to com3 on one and com5 on the other and works just fine (Im like every body else ,wont the fastest speed)
so I realy dont think it matters what com port and IRQ that it uses
A Modem usely works best if you let the comp put it where it wants it instead of you putting it where you want it
Try having COM1 enabled, COM2 disabled in the BIOS, having COM2 disabled should force the modem to use COM2.  If that doesn't work, try disabling Plug & Play in the BIOS.
If the modem will connect to a BBS then the modem is working fine. Period.  the next step is to look at software, it sounds like the protocols may not be matching up with what the server is expecting.  The server and client MUST have a common protocol in order to know how to communicate with each other.  Look in your control panel, under networking and find out what protocals you have installed, then find out what protocal(s) the provider expects.

And just to add a monkey wrentch into the works, some providers require a proprietary software program in order to access their network.

But as I said, If the modem will connect to a BBS and work well there, then the problem is NOT the modem.

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VNSGNE0Author Commented:
I will try to check the protocol and the connection parameters...
VNSGNE0Author Commented:
TheComputerMaster  &


I have put out the internal modem and i have  try an external modem connected to COM1 and it work properly...
So i think who may be the Provider servers has some problems in the day when I have try the internal PCI modem...
For it I think who both of You have give me a correct answer.

Thank for Your co-operation


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