how geocities manage his server?


how those free homepage provider manage their server?

eg: how is the partition, let say there are 2 X 27GB SCSI ,
how much for /, /usr, /var, /user .. give some ideas....

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It depends on how the server is being used. I manage some moderate sized Solaris file servers in the 60-100Gb range. All have separate filesystems for /, /var, /opt, and shared user areas. I can't speak for anyone else, but I organize my filesystems such that the system areas (/, /opt) are a little bigger (50-80Mb) than required. After a while you get to know pretty well how big the installed system will be and can make a very good guess as to how much space will be needed. System areas tend to be fairly static, not really changing that much during the life of the OS. Also, after a bit of experience you get a pretty good grasp of how much space you typically need for /var.

Some servers have other filesystems for specific things, like on-line backup indexes, databases, etc. Again, it just depends on what services are being provided.

User areas are very dynamic. Big filesystems are a plus because all the free space is in one area, but a real pain when you have to backup/restore one as it takes a long time. Also a failure on a big user filesystem affects lots of users.

Availability and reliability is everything for servers, speed comes second. I can't imagine anyone setting up a real server that didn't use some level of RAID for everthing. Personally I like mirrored drives for the system (static) areas and RAID5 for everything else, with the RAID5 arrays being standalone systems with their own RAID controllers.

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