run telnet and crontab in NT 4 ?

can i run telnet and crontabs in NT 4 server ?

I need to get the latest news from other newspaper websites using LWP in
 perl module, and use crontabs to run it.
So, I don't need to use hand to update the news column everyday.

beside using telnet and crontas..anyother suggestion ??

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kloverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is an AT command in NT that works almost exactly like cron on Unix.  You have to set the "Schedule" service to start automatically though because it does not start by default.

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Services > Highlight Schedule > Click Start > Now Click Startup > Click Automatic > OK

From a DOS prompt type at /? for usage.

You can telnet from an NT server to a Unix server...
Start > Run > Telnet <IP Address>

I think you may want to telnet from your NT to the NNTP port of another server, so ...
Start > Run > Telnet <IP Address> <PORT>

For example...

telnet 119
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The NT Resource Kit comes with a beta Telnet Server, but I've had problems with it.  There are several companies that sell Telnet servers for NT, but I've never found one that was free (plenty of demo's though).

NT resource kit does have a utility called Remote Console - it must be installed as a service on the server and you can then connect to it using RCLIENT (also from Resource Kit) from any NT workstation (and possible 9x workstation).  Remote console is very much like telnet, running the process on the other server.
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