if thru out my program, i start a thread, but later jus suspend it, will it use up resources? i mean, waste them.

for those who see this qn, if u want, b prepared to ans quite a few more questions regarding these simple applet stuffs.
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A suspended thread is still using some resource. A certain amount of memory, and space on the process list for instance. It is not a large amount. On the other hand, if you never need the thread again, it would be better to stop() it.

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java_kevinAuthor Commented:
if i stop it, but later may need again, do i need to .start() again? or i need to create a new thread?
java_kevinAuthor Commented:
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my answer is that you can use both techiques with the same result - a real Thread from the underlying OS will be started.
Correct. If you stop() it, the way to fire it back up is to use start(). There is no major difference between using stop() - start() and suspend() - resume(). The choice I would make would depend on details of the frequency of the action, and the probable state of the thread at the time of suspension/stopping.
java_kevinAuthor Commented:

And 'cos I'm doing a project, I may need to get your details to acknowledge your help.

Hope you can give them in case I need.

Thanks again.
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