CharToOem - error

When I use the CharToOem function it raise a Kernel32.dll access violation.

My sourcecode looks something like this.

  text : string;

  CharToOem (PChar(text),PChar(text));

How can I prevent the error?

Thanking you ín anticipation
Preben Holm
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Hi Preben,

have you allocated memory for the text? Although I do a lot with languages and character conversion I still don't know what they mean with OEM charset. Can it be that the resulting text is larger than the original text (keyword: MBCS)?

Ciao, Mike
This code from RX Library

function StrToOem(const AnsiStr: string): string;
  Src, Dest: array[0..255] of Char;
  SetLength(Result, Length(AnsiStr));
  if Length(Result) > 0 then
    CharToOem(PChar(AnsiStr), PChar(Result));
    StrPCopy(Src, AnsiStr);
    AnsiToOem(Src, Dest);
    Result := StrPas(Dest);

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Hi Preben,

I don't know why you're getting an exception. I'm doing the same as you do since several years without any problems. Have you tried it on several computers? Perhaps your Windows installation is corrupt? Or do you give in mega strange text?   :-)


this function converts dos texts into Windows texts. E.g. if you read in autoexec.bat, you see strange characters for "ö, ü, ä". If you use OemToChar before showing the text everything is fine.

Regards, Madshi.
Thanks Madshi, but it is still irritating because it is not clear that the DOS code page is meant when speaking of an OEM code page. But obviously it is so...

Ciao, Mike
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