about css syntax

this is my very simple html document
<body bgcolor="white">
<table width=500 bgcolor="black">
<a href="fff.htm">hellow</a><br>
<a href="fff.htm">goodbye</a>
<a href="elad.htm">elad</a>
i want that the 2 ancors inside the
table will be yellow and the ancor
that is out of table will be ordinary
notice that i dont want to do this:
<a class="rule" href="fff.htm"> hellow</a><br>
<a class="rule" href="fff.htm">goodbye</a>

because let's assume i have 50 links
and i dont want to type class="rule"
each time...
notice also that the <a href...
is inside the table.


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You could create a class, and then ether surround the table in <DIV class="myclass">table goes here</DIV>

Or <table class="myclass">
eladrAuthor Commented:
is so...what should be my style tag?
please please give me complete answer.


you could do like this:
then just put id="yellow" in the a hrefe ex <a href="page.html" id="yellow">Yellow</a>
This should work and won't effect your other links.

it's possible to control style properties as a result of one element's containment of another.  if the anchor outside the table cell should have regular blue/purple/red, and the one inside should be yellow, it can be done like this:

<style type="text/css">
a:link { color: blue; background: white; }
a:visited { color: purple; background: white; }
a:active { color: red; background: white; }
td a:link { color: yellow; background: black; }

add 'visited' and 'active' coloring as you see fit.  notice that I define both foreground and background colors to make sure it doesn't clash with a user-defined style sheet.

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