Generate a unique code

Does anybody have a good function that generates a unique code for a primary key field?

Maybe generated from the current time and date?

I dont want people to be able to guess the number (or the way it works).

Using autonumber is no good, I need a key that will be hard to guess, for example:

current time/date in miliseconds - or something like that?

the code shouldn't be more than 11 digits long.

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You could use code like this..

  Dim sValue As String
  Dim a As Integer
  sValue = Space$(11)
  For a = 1 To 11
    Mid$(sValue, a, 1) = Chr$(Int(Rnd * 255) + 1)

  Me.Caption = sValue

The Randomize statement make sure the random numbers are random, using the current Time to calculate the first random number.

Another solution would be to create GUID's (Globally Unique Identifier), unique numbers that are achieved by using a combination of the current time, your machine's Media Access Control (MAC) address (a unique number built into all network cards) if it has one, and other routines. You can read more about these GUID's AND get free source code from...
Maybe you could use this function i wrote to generate a 14 digits code (you may want to trim de code by removing some variable 'Sect' in the returned value) It's based on the current date et time and then encoded :

    Dim DHTMP
    Dim sec As Integer
    Dim Tmp1 As String
    Dim TMP2 As String
    Dim tmp3 As String
    Dim Tmp4 As String
    Dim Tmp5 As String
    Dim Tmp6 As String
    Dim Tmp7 As String
    Dim Sect1 As String
    Dim Sect2 As String
    Dim Sect3 As String
    Dim Sect4 As String
    Dim Sect5 As String
    Dim Sect6 As String
    Dim Sect7 As String
    Dim bid1, bid2 As String
    Dim Tempo, Tempo_Octal As String
    DHTMP = Now

    DATEHEURE = Format$(Day(DHTMP), "00") & Format$(Month(DHTMP), "00") & Format$(Year(DHTMP), "0000") & Format$(Hour(DHTMP), "00") & Format$(Minute(DHTMP), "00") & Format$(Second(DHTMP), "00")


    Tmp6 = Format$(Str$(Val(Mid$(DATEHEURE, 13, 2)) + 3), "00")
    sec = Val(Right$(Tmp6, 1))
    Tmp1 = Format$(Str$((Val(Mid$(DATEHEURE, 1, 2)) * 2) + sec), "00")
    TMP2 = Format$(Str$((Val(Mid$(DATEHEURE, 3, 2)) * 3) + sec + 1), "00")
    'tmp3 = Format$(Str$(Val(Mid$(DATEHEURE, 5, 2))), "00")
    'Tmp7 = Format$(Str$(Val(Mid$(DATEHEURE, 7, 2))), "00")
    Tmp4 = Format$(Str$((Val(Mid$(DATEHEURE, 9, 2)) + sec) * 3), "00")
    Tmp5 = Format$(Str$(Val(Mid$(DATEHEURE, 11, 2)) + sec + 1), "00")
    Tempo = Format$(Str$(Val(Mid$(DATEHEURE, 5, 4))), "00")
    Tempo_Octal = Oct(Tempo)     'Année en octal
    bid1 = Left(Tempo_Octal, 2)  'Deux premier chiffre de l'année, en octal
    bid2 = Right(Tempo_Octal, 2) 'Deux dernier chiffre de l'année, en octal
    tmp3 = Format$(Str$(Val(Mid$(DATEHEURE, 9, 2)) + Val(bid1)))
    Tmp7 = Format$(Str$(Val(Mid$(DATEHEURE, 1, 2)) + Val(bid2)))

    Sect1 = Right$(Tmp1, 1) & Left$(Tmp1, 1)
    Sect2 = Right$(TMP2, 1) & Left$(TMP2, 1)
    Sect3 = Right$(tmp3, 1) & Left$(tmp3, 1)
    Sect4 = Right$(Tmp4, 1) & Left$(Tmp4, 1)
    Sect5 = Right$(Tmp5, 1) & Left$(Tmp5, 1)
    Sect6 = Right$(Tmp6, 1) & Left$(Tmp6, 1)
    Sect7 = Right$(Tmp7, 1) & Left$(Tmp7, 1)

    GENERATE_CODE =  Sect5 & Sect1 & Sect3 & Sect2 & Sect4 & Sect6 & sect7

End Function


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I usually just pick certain characters from other fields pertaining to the record using mid right and left functions.
field sfname Wayne
field slname Visual
field Bday   02121970
field sphone 8122125554


uniquefield = left(sfname,2) & right(slname,3) & mid(bday,3,2) & mid(sphone,5,4)

unique field = waual122125

lots of combinations to come up with
you could also put your date and time etc...up to you...also you should put an error code in..if duplicate then replace certain characters with a Z or whatever.

Hav fun
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georgep23Author Commented:

but people will need to type in the code to gain access to a computer.

so i need it to be number and letter only and not too long like the GUID's

If you want it to be a numeric value you can use

  Dim lValue As Long
  Dim a As Integer
  Const MinValue = 100000000
  Const MaxValue = 999999999

  lValue = Int(Rnd * (MaxValue - MinValue + 1)) + MinValue
  Me.Caption = lValue

I have added two constants here so you can easily set the minimum value you want and the maximum value. If you want it to be bigger than 2*10^9 you will have to define the lValue variable as a Double or something
If the GUID is too long, there is nothing stopping you from just using a part of the value, for example only the Data1 (Long variable) part of the UDT.

Sounds like a password thing.

Have you though about using checksum?'get a checksum from a name
'<<<  general declarations  >>>
Option Explicit

Function GetChecksum(Source As String) As Long
    Dim iVal, Weight, CheckHold, CheckSum As Long
    Weight = 1
    CheckSum = 0
    For iVal = 1 To Len(Source)
        CheckHold = Asc(Mid$(Source, iVal, 1)) * Weight
        CheckSum = CheckSum + CheckHold
        Weight = Weight + 2
    Next iVal
    GetChecksum = CheckSum Mod &H7FFFFFFF
End Function

' <<<<<<<<<<<< form event code >>>>>>>>>>>>

Private Sub Command1_Click()
   Dim x$
   x = "John Wayne"
   MsgBox GetChecksum(x)
End Sub

georgep23Author Commented:
Thanks all for your help,

I have given the points to freg - I just hope that the code generates a unique number each time - but that is easy to check for.

I'm sure it is a problem many people will have for password generation when you don't know much infomation about the user.

(in my case I only know the time and date they paid and no other information)

Thanks again!!!!!
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