Administering a workgroup??

Is it possible to administer a workgroup from an NT server. What I mean is that we have a set of machines that do not have their own PDC as they're not connected to the server. I would like to have the ability to administer these computers. Is there any way it can be done without adding another NT server to these machines, AND without changing them to the domain of the server?
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Tim HolmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to a command prompt.
Type NET USE \\computername\ipc$ /user:computername\administrator password
Then run USRMGR > connect to PC > computername..
and away you go.
(You need to know the local administrator account and password of each machine in the workgroup)
More points please !
tiboriAuthor Commented:
Again sorry about the points. I currently have 0. I'll post more as I get more. Thank you for helping nevertheless.

So the command prompt command worked, however I don't see the place in User Manager to "connect to PC". Also, will this machine show up in Server Manager?
Thank you
tiboriAuthor Commented:
Nevermind, I figured it out. It works with either User Manager or Server Manager. After the command you have to go to "Computer->Select Domain", but instead of selecting a domain name from the list, you type in the computer number as such \\computername or \\ if they're remote, and the computer is administrable, just as a local would be. My only question remaining is : Is there a better way to connect to a lot of computers on a workgroup than running a batch file with commands for each computer?
Tim HolmanCommented:
Install a domain controller !
Unfortunately that's one of the drawbacks with workgroup machines - they're very difficult to administer.
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