Overclocking AMD

What would be the safest level to overclock my AMD K52 450 using a SOYO SY-5EMA+ board?

It is currently running at its normal specification of 100 x 4.5 x 2.2v

Higher points for an easy question but I expect a good answer!
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reido2Author Commented:
Forgot to ask, is the AMD K6 2's multiplier fixed?
Well first of all if your planning on increasing the FSB (Front Side Bus) speed then going beyond 120Mhz could be harmful to your computer. What happens is that when you increase the FSB you also increase the bus speeds of other components on your Motherboard. These components (hard drives in particular) can be very sensitive to bus speed changes. Your hard disk can crash, you can lose data or even worse fry one of your PCI cards (I have seen a sound card get fried right in front of my very own eyes just because the bus speeds were too high). Not only are hard disks finicky about these increase in bus speeds but graphics cards can be too, being one of the most expensive parts in your computer I'd be careful about that. I have heard that many motherboards support AGP bus speed reduction however I don't know if your SOYO supports it.

THE MATHS: This is how it works, if your FSB is 66MHZ then your bus multiplier (excluding your AGP)is 1/2, ie. your bus speed is 33. This multiplier remains the same from the 66-100 range of FSBs. At 100MHZ FSB this multiplier is 1/3 (notice how the bus speeds remain at 33MHZ). Thus if your FSB is 120MHZ then your bus speed would be 40 (still a bit high but in most cases tolerable). Going about 40MHZ bus speeds can as I said be harmful.

THE SOLUTION: Try increasing your FSB to 120 MHZ, thus making the cpu rate at 540MHZ. This should be safe enough.

THE OTHER ALTERNATIVE: Change the cpu multiplier. In AMD cpus to change the multiplier of the cpu you must pry open the case of the cpu and change the multiplier, changing the multiplier would save other components on your motherboard. If you plan on changing the multiplier then you can say good buy to your warrenty. Now if you would like to go by this alternative then your at will to increase your cpu speed to what ever speed the cpu remains stable at. In order to test stability of your cpu go over to http://www.tweakzone.org.uk/ and download the cpu stability test.

For further information about o/cing you cpu go to http://www.tweak3d.net/ and check out their O/Cing guides.

CONCLUSION: I think 540MHZ is a good number.

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reido2Author Commented:
Nice answer, heres the points.

Cheers. :-)
Hey I'm an avid overclocker myself man :-)

Ever heard of the P3 550E, it's supposed to be a reincarnation of the Celeron 300a, an overclockers dream :-)
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