Interbase vs MySQL

What is the strength/weakeness of Interbase as compared to MySQL.
Where can I find any site/document/article that contains such comparison?
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There are many differences between them.

- Interbase is a relational database. That means, among other stuff, you can create relationship between columns, and the like. IB supports this very well. OTOH, MySQL doesn't support referential integrity.

- MySQL supports a much higher volume of data than and more transactions per second than IB. On a corporative level, I'd go for MySQL (if I could only choose between the 2, because an even better choice would be Oracle).

- IB has a large, well-known and stablished company behind it, from which you can get support if you need. Although there are lots of newsgroups from which you can get support for MySQL, we both know it's not the same thing.

- IB is easier to administer.

- When Delphi development is concerned, there are great components that let you access IB (like IBExpress, that comes with D5). I believe (I have heard about) similar stuff for MySQL, but have never seen it.

- Although both can run on Linux, MySQL is better optimized for Linux, because that's the platform where it was born and where most of it's development is being focused.

As you can see, there are shortcomings for both of them as well as there are advantages. My last suggestion is to go to MySQL's site and read a chart they have comparing all the big players in the DBMS area to MySQL. Although the results are kinda "oriented", you can have a pretty good idea to which one is best for you.

There's no absolute answer "this one is better". It all depends on your needs. If you don't care about using ODBC and will not be using referential integrity, then MySQL is the one for you.



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kjtengAuthor Commented:
Looks like no other experts has experience in using MySql with Delphi.
I am going to accept you comment as answer as it is very informative. Thanks.

p/s There are some 'MySql dataaware' components (freeware) eg TMySql.
I have heard of them, but I don't actually know or use any of them. I've used MySQL through ODBC, which was pretty slow compared to IBExpress.

I belive you may find some info about it in MySQL's site.

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