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I am currently looking for a colledge,Institute or school in the state of connecticut or new york where I can start my studies in MCSE core,can anyone help me?
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It all depends whether or not you want a Microsoft Authorized place. If you want MS places, go to this site and you can locate one in your area.

If this link doesn't work, go to:

On the blue menu, select FIND and then FIND TRAINING PROVIDER.

Best of luck


Just a suggestion...

Due to the big demand, private cram places are popping up all over the place, charging $5,000. + for what amounts to just a cram for the exam... in other words, you had better already know your stuff before taking their course, or it is no gurantee of passing the tests.

Might I suggest that you check out the community colleges in your area.  Most of them are now giving continuing education (read non-degree seeking) courses in all of the MCSE areas, where you learn more, and they cost less than the private places.

If your are already an expert, just looking for the certification, and time is of the essence, by all means, take the cram course and go for it!

Also, beware of places that don't teach you anything. There are places which charge you less than authorized places but you will get what you pay for. They have labs that do not function properly, if at all. Instructors that may be unqualified or qualified people who are pushed by management to do more in less time with more people.

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Try There is a city locator you can use to a find a MS Solutions Provider site nearest to where you work/live. Keep in mind, the above comments. Also, note that you have until the end of the year to complete your MCSE in Windows NT 4.0. If you fail to complete your MCSE, you will need to re-certify (i.e. start over) in Windows 2000. Also note, in general, local Communitty Colleges do offer MCSE courses/tracks, but what your time-frame.

Depending on your skills, aptitude, may be better off persuing the MCSE track on your own using Trancsender, Exam Cram, etc... Whatever you choose, good luck!


I use to work for a Solutions Provider (i.e. I set the classrooms up). I know what you mean by Labs not working. It can be very frustrating. MS sometimes does this on purpose to test troubleshooting skills in a safe environment. The instructor you had was probably new or had only taught the class a few times. Either way, I would have demanded my money back
Actually, the instructor was very knowledgeable. But the network itself sucked. The IS person probably knew less than I did when I registered for the class.

I was okay with it, personally, since I had prior work experience and the instructor was able to answer my questions and fill in the missing pieces.

As for money back, that's what I did for my CCNA certification. I did the course based on Cisco's new curriculum but when I went to write the exam they said it is not ready yet. First they said October, then November, then December then "To be decided" and finally March "subject to change". So, I called up Cisco which didn't help much. I called up the school (Geotrain) and they not only gave me a full refund, but also a courtesy class of my choice.

So, I personally feel that it is worth paying the extra money and go to a legitimate school, unless you want to cram it.

Classic! The setup guy should have been in the classroom to take the heat!

I agree as well about paying the extra money to attend a legitimate school. I am glad things worked well for ya.

The funny thing is that the guy was also taking the class. Once he got into a big argument with one of the students because the RIP on one of the computers that was acting as the router went down and he couldn't get it back up.

It was silly. The person doing the TCPIP started the class by saying "i don't know anything about binary numbers but will give you a chart that should help you with subnetting". At the end of the course, they had to get someone else to do a one-day session to get everyone ready for the exam. :-)

I didn't even bother going to the Network Essentials class. If you asked a question that contradicted what the instructor said he would refuse to answer and say that it was not in the text and he would not discuss it.

on and on and on and on and ....


If the place you intend on taking your courses is not a CTEC, you have no legal recourse with Microsoft if anything is not up to standard.

Another thing is that an MCT is not allowed to lecture outside of a CTEC. We cannot do private classes, or use a company not registered as a CTEC. So much so that Microsoft can decertify us.

By contract with Microsoft, a CTEC is required to allow you to resit a course you are not happy with. That is why evaluations are used both ways at the end of the course.

Bottom line, go CTEC and demand quality or complain to Microsoft.
Try the local colege first. The private schoold do what is mentioned above. For example here privat school for autocad is 5000 dollars vs 200 at a local college.
Instructor-led courses are usually very expensive.  If you are paying for your training out-of-pocket, you are better off with self-study materials.  The best source is probably Microsoft Press at  If you go to your local book store, you will see self-study kits for each exam ranging in price from $40-$100.  Each exam given by (the authorized testing center) is $100.  This makes the total cost of MCSE certification approximately $900 instead of $3500-$5000 (both assume you pass all exams).  It does require a level of motivation, but the interest you express in your posting indicates that you can probably handle it.  I would go to and examine the requirements for certification and decide which 6 exams that you want to take (there is a lot of leeway).  Good luck.


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