Quicktime movies in flash

I know you can import a quicktime movie file and play it within the flash file when you save it as a quicktime movie file. Can you also play it in an .swf file? I tried, but could not get it to work.
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itssookConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your were right about the first part. You import the quicktime movie into flash and you setup where you want the movie to play within the flas applet. Make sure YOU have the quicktime plugin installed on your computer when you are trying to view it. Also check the publishing settign to see if anything there will affect the movie.

Good luck.
When you import quicktime, does it import the entire movie into a single frame or across a number of frames?

If you can manage to make each frame appear in the timeline then you can export as .SWF.

kch011099Author Commented:
You have to have a number of frames in the movie. But, you can't place key frames in each or else it just starts at the beginning of the movie again.
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