Change Icon on bookmark

Do you know how to change the icon of a web link in a browser's favorite list?
When you bookmark a web page, an icon and description is added to the
"favorites" menu of IE.  Typically, the icon looks like a blue E in front of a
white page.  Occasionally, there are web sites that have a different
bookmark-icon, for example, if you bookmark this site  you will notice that the default icon
is changed to a pink ASP.  How is that done?
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kikkertmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We are now 10 days further...If you don't want to know, Don't ask..
Note: This only works in IE5


Place a custom icon in your root on the server and call the icon : favicon.ico

IE5 will always look for that file, and if it's there it will use it. It's that simple !
You can actually test that it's done like this using you example, go to :
and you'll see the icon !
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if you want to do it yourself on your favorite links, just right click select properties and click on the change icon button
JasonSantiagoAuthor Commented:
I didn't do anything.  The person who setup the website did it.  I just bookmarked the site and it was set to the way the people who designed the Website wanted it.  How can I force a custom bookmark on someone elses machine when someone marks my site?  (Try the url you will see what I mean).  
kikkertm already gave the correct answer you must Place a custom icon in your root on the server and call the icon : favicon.ico

so when the users bookmark your page the browser will read it and use it as the default icon
I think I gave the one and only correct answer to your question JasonSantiago .... Why did you reject it.. ??
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