easy question...

I want to give a button priority when the user hits the enter key, something like if key_pressed == "enter" goto btnLogin_clicked... (is there any way to "translate" that in Java?)

I want the button to be my default when the user hits Enter...
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You could create a keyListener, check if the key was enter, and if so call your btnLogin_clicked method, I suppose, do you need an example of keyListener?
Nicolas_St_AmourAuthor Commented:
How can I set it so that only the Enter key is used to be the default?
Try something like this:

//~~~~~~~BEGIN CODE
import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class mainPanel extends JPanel implements KeyListener{

  public mainPanel(){
       JButton drawThings = new JButton("drawThings");

//KeyListener INTERFACE
 public void keyTyped(KeyEvent e){
         //Do your things in here
 public void keyPressed(KeyEvent e){};
 public void keyReleased(KeyEvent e){};


that is a quick and dirty way of doing it. the technically correct way is to check like this: if(e.getKeyChar() == KeyEvent.VK_ENTER){} I think. but the other way works just fine for me.


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Nicolas_St_AmourAuthor Commented:
Yes, but i want to know how to make it so that when I press enter it'll be the same as if I'd clicked a certain button...

You have to add a Key Listener to all the fields that you want to be active. then when they press Enter on any of the active fields it will fall through to the same key listener. There's no way to make it a generic thing, unfortunately.

Nicolas_St_AmourAuthor Commented:
oh ok, thanks, I'll try to figure a way out of this...
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