boot win 95

cant boot,registry/configuration error.
windows\himem.sys  missing or corrupted
windows\dblbuff.sys  "     "     "
windows\ifshlp.sys   "     "     "
C:\ for the above
get a c:prompt,as far as i can go,scanreg/restore or scanreg/fix does
not go anywhere,get a C:windows\setver.
exe sometimes and io.sys.
no boot disk,or CD,sys not on line
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mudlgrAuthor Commented:
where do i get a boot disk
You can make a boot disk using any system running Windows 95 or 98.  Just open the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel and Startup Disk to create.  I would choose a machinie which runs Windows 95B or higher because there will be a generic CD-ROM driver copied by default.
Best thing to do would be starting from scratch. Boot from a boot disk and format your hard drive. Then re-install windows 95. This will definitely fix your problem.

To create a boot disk you need a working PC to create it from.

From a DOS prompt, put a disk in the floppy drive and do this command:

C:\>format A: /s

then copy and to A:

this disk will allow you to boot off it and then format your drive.
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Here is where you can get a boot disk.
I know this does not help as you are off line.  Can you please post what is in you config.sys file and autoexec.bat file.



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you could try making a boot disk as sugested above   on the comp that you used to post this question
The Boot Disk thing is okay.... I would not go and happily format the hard drive just so, tho....

I'd try to get Win back in at least Safe Mode and then, if I can't get the Registry fixed I'd reinstall Windows..... Preferably in a diferent directorey than the original installation, say, Windows.000....

Good vibes!!!
We see that one quite a bit.  It is usually caused by one of those nasty viruses.  Simply reinstall windows over top of your existing configuration, and then IMEADEATLY run a GOOD, CURRENT virus scanner.

    In addition to TheComputerMaster comment, you might want to your MBR (Master Boot Record) is OK, just boot you system from the boot disk (clean one) and do FDISK /MBR.  After that you can reinstall Windows.  

    After reinstallation you might want to check any Fixes and Patches to your system (if you ever did before) and redo it.

good luck,

Make sure that Vmm32.vxd is in your windows system folder. If this has been moved or is missing you will get a load of errors as you have described above.
mudlgrAuthor Commented:
i believe the boot disk site would have got me up,it got one of my win 3.1 up and going doss and all.someone was helping me with current problem,he did something,wont say,said he would have to study on what to do.anyway,i get a c> when i type anything i get...type the name of the command interpreter
(e.g., C:\windows\ should be abe to give info in few dys.havent been here sinse,nor has he,hoping to tackle that in a few days,will inform
if I am reading this correctly you can boot to C: but then cant do any thing...
Have you tried just after the computer starts booting hiting the f8 key and at that menu select safe mode???
also at the C: type  C:\cd windows and if that works type win and if it does like I'm thinking you are going to get a lot of errors like vmm32.vxd missing
If the computer is asking for your command interpreter, make sure that is on the boot disk.  

Hate to say it, but it sounds like you may be looking at a reinstall of windows.
mudlgrAuthor Commented:
even though i didnt get this system up,i did get another one up.have passed on to friends.someone else caused another problem before i could get up.i dont see anyother fix,except tp reinstall win95 somehow.
mudlgrAuthor Commented:
going to see if i can get a boot disk with on it.dont think i can fdisk or anything where im at right now
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