TCPIP problem

OS : Win 98
HW : IBM Aptiva PIII700.
I was unable to access/ping web sites by name/IP address. I was able to access some of these sites using a HOSTS file.  I figured it was a DNS problem and enabled DNS settings with my ISP DNS server numbers. Rebooted. Still getting same problems. I figure I can just uninstall and reinstall TCPIP. I remove TCPIP and Dial Up networking. Reboot. Reinstall and reboot again (too many reboots with Win32 systems!). Now I am getting invalid page faults when I start any network aware apps like Netscape, IE etc.  
I uninstalled and reinstalled Dial Up Networking. Reboot cycle.  Still getting invalid page faults.
I go into network properties and TCPIP keeps the DNS servers that I configured way back.  
Do I have to delete some files to completely uninstall TCPIP and then reinstall it ?
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You may be ahead of the game by uninstalling and starting from scratch.
You should only have one adapter, one protocol and one client for MS.
In Network Prop click on TCP/IP click on remove, do same for dialup adapter.
If you have any others, remove them also.
In your DUN folder, remove your connection.  Restart.
Reconfigure your connection from the DUN folder.
When finished, click on file/properties of the connection, click on server types.
Be sure that the popuu is set as PPP type and only TCP/IP box is cheched in the whole window.
TCP settings should be get address automatically, abd whatever other info you have from yopur ISP.
Right click on NetNeigh/Prop (or access from control panel) and you shold only have a Client for MS, dialup adapter and TCP.
Click on TCP click Prop click DNS and configure with instruction from ISP. Close and restart.
Check your Netscape  and IE and OE if using it, for the new configuration.
Check your DUN connection is dialing the right number, and that should do it.
If you're getting Page faults error messages. It's better to do evertything from stratch.

Otherwise it'll be a headache for u.
The error will be repeating.

   If reinstalling the file doesn't work then I would recommend you to remove the files.  But remember to backup it up somewhere first.  I have the same problem before, and I tend to go thru the same frustration steps.  Finally, what I did was, remove dial-up adapter, remove TCP/IP, basically removing every network component, and after that deleting some files in WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. File like  WINSOCK*.*, RNA*.*, PPP*.*, should be a good candidate.  Make sure you copied (backup) the files somewhere.  Then reboot the PC, and reinstall the whole component right back.

   It's worth a try.  I worked for me, and it might be for you.

Good luck,  and remember, the backup is VERY (very..) important. Worst case scenario, you cannot boot you Windows is GUI mode, but still, start in Safe Mode Dos prompt, and recopy the files back to it's original location (\WINDOWS\SYSTEM), would get you back to original setting.

  Another option is to upgrade your Dial-up networking to version 1.3, and Winsock to version 2.0 -- if you are running Windows 95.

My $0.01 comments.

Good luck.

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manzoorfAuthor Commented:
I basically followed samri's suggestions and it did resolve my issue. I also considered rkumar's suggestion of completely reinstalling my system ...but all network aware apps were dying .. PCOM32, Netscape, IE .. my non network apps such as word, excel were working fine.  So I knew it was something network related only and I didnt want to have to deal with the hassle of restoring files from backup after a clean reinstall.
Thanks to everyone who answered ! I do appreciate the help.
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