Active Directory

I want to keep my current NT4 PDC/BDC and install Active Directory with Window 2000 Server.

When I install Active Directory, 2 options:
a.Domain controller for a new domain.
b.Additional domain controller for an existing domain.

Which options should I select to keep PDC and BDC in the Doamin?


Sorry, I have to edit the text here due to Edit Box is not seen from my Box today, Perhaps "" change some screen formate ....

If I select (a) Domain Controller for New Domain, Can I enter a local Full DNS name I created which not registered thru InterNIC ? or I must registered thru InterNIC first ?

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LermitteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
farout, I think for the same raison that I will give. I have working NT4 Pc's now and when I change to 2000 complete I look for trouble. First I will run a part as 2000 and then do the change to full 2000. But this is not for the end of this year.

No: We will use the standaard now.
the first Server will be have as name:
root.my_own_networkname.local (local for local network) There I can have. (I live in Belgium) brussel.my_own_networkname.local and Antwerp.my_own_networkname.local. Later I can connect this two site's to and make that when go to, you will go to brussel.my_own_localnetwork.local. And you don't see it.

So you don't have to registered first.

You'll have to install a new W2K domain if you want Active Directory, it can't co-exist in the same domain as NT4 PDC and BDC.

Once the new domain is installed you can set up trusts to and from the NT4 domain.
Choose a) if it's the first 2000 in you domain. You can choose b) if you have already a 2000 in your domain and that is the root.
Active directory works only with 2000 for the full 100% so you can do like barefoot have say.

Install a new 2000 domain and create a trust with the NT4 domain.
One thing if you run DCpromo don't choose for native but choose for mixed.
Mixed is for NT4 and W2k in one domain and native is for all w2k machines.

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joehuangAuthor Commented:
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i can get the soulution if you want
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