Windows 2000 - Problems! Please Help!

Tried both 2000 adv. server and pro, and they both have the same two problems.

1. After rebooting, desktop comes up, but the machine locks up for approx. 5 seconds with the harddrive light on permanently.  Then it shut's off for 1/2 a second, and then back on 3-4 times.  Then the machine behaves normal for a while, but once in a while (when launching a program) it'll do it again.  The machine locks up totally, i can move the mouse though until it's finished.

2. I have a Plextor 8/20 which keeps giving me ASPI error's.  I downloaded latest drivers from both and adaptec, but neither helped the problem which is with both CDRwin and Easy CD Pro.  The SCSI card is an old timer that came with my 5 year old HP 2040i burner.  Is that the problem?


Intel P2/350 with 128MB ram, 55GB harddrive (boot drive = 27gb 7200rpm), Voodoo3 3500.

It is the FINAL (feb/17/2000) version of WIndows 2000.

Any input is more than welcome since this is keeping me from going further with the w2k deployment.


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I also have W2K server running on a PII 350 and.... IT'S DOG SLOW.  I have similar results but I haven't noticed the mouse locking up.  It runs like a P90 running '98.  I would suspect that it is the SCSI.  I would load an IDE drive and install the OS (if your running SCSI HDD), and/or remove the card altogether.  That would definately narrow it down to the controller OR eliminate the possibility that it's causing problems.  When you installed W2K, did it recognize the card???  You may want to press F5 during the device loading portion of W2K setup and give it some device specific drivers.
have you checked you rhardware against the hardware compatibility list?
Can you check if you have a IRQ conflict. Then see if you harddisk (if it's scsi) not have the same ID with the Plextor. And did you have terminate it?

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prositAuthor Commented:
Tengage:  The mouse is the only thing that does not lock up (sorry for the confusing description) only the machine.  I have no SCSI harddrives.  And if I remove the card I can't burn CD's and that's kinda bad too :)

Tvanlint: Yes I have, didn't find it, BUT... it does recognize it while installing, and I can access the drive fine, just can't burn a CD without getting the ASPI error.

Lermitte: Hmmmm, yes there actually is even though it says it works fine.  What is an ABP5140??  It says it's the SCSI controller... It reports the SCSI controller twice on 11, see below:

System Information report written at: 02/10/2000 06:54:48 AM

IRQ Number      Device
1      PC/AT Enhanced PS/2 Keyboard (101/102-Key)
3      Communications Port (COM2)
4      Communications Port (COM1)
5      NDC ND5300 PnP Ethernet Adapter
6      Standard floppy disk controller
7      Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
8      System CMOS/real time clock
9      3Com EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI NIC (3C905-TX)
10      Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373) (WDM)
11      Advansys SCSI Host Adapter
11      ABP5140
12      Microsoft PS/2 Mouse
13      Numeric data processor
14      Primary IDE Channel
15      Secondary IDE Channel

Look at IRQ11?

I think I might go and buy a new SCSI controller just to see if that does it.  I can always return it if not.

Thanks guyz!
Before you go and buy a new one (which I highly recommend).  I would remove it and see if it fixes your problem.  I have a fully W2K supported PII 350, and it's just SLOW.
prositAuthor Commented:
Well the problem is that it's actually faster than win98 and I run a lot of stuff from ftp server, games to trading software, and compared to win98 I do feel I win, if I could only get rid of that wait.   It seems like it's before I load my FTP server which is for 98, but I tried removing it, and it still does it?

Well I'll try to reinstall my machine now, and see if that does the trick with the new SCSI card.  

I bought a Adaptec 2930U, and it seemed like it worked, but reinstalling wont hurt.

It still pauses though.

prositAuthor Commented:

I bought a 2930U Adaptec controller, and all my troubles are over (except the financial ones that is:)

Now I can even burn CD's in 8 speed, which I sometimes had a problem with before, I should have done this a looooooong time ago :)

Well, thanks for your help, I don't who who deserves the points, I guess TenGage, for answering first, and suggesting to buy a new controller, does that seem fair?

Thanks again!

yeah I want the points.  I also run an FTP server, for no apparently good reason, also dial up, vpn, (the whole ras suite) I have a blank web page (with an INTRANET running on a linux box).  W2K is too easy to use and I feel like my job security is at risk.  LEARN LEARN LEARN.  HEHE

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I suggest you try the prog on the adaptec site called cdr4up.exe it's the aspi layer for 2000
it's on an adaptec site that i've not yet found a link to from the main site...

i had probs with my system till i installed the above, now it all works gr8
prositAuthor Commented:

Great site thanks, I guess you know about right?


My FTP server is of a totally different nature, I'll leech some MP3's from you if that's alright?

Thanks all!

as long as you delete them before they are 30 days old. ;)
prositAuthor Commented:
:) Sure!

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Windows 2000

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