adding frames to current website

I would like to add frames to my current website, the book suggest I name the frame page "index.htm" which is ok, because my "Home Page" is named "default.htm"
I set up my pages using the navigation view in FP explorer, so my first page is my home page with everything else attached to it. How would I add a frames page to this without messing things up?  Or do I have to create a whole new website, then add my current pages to it?
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What version of FP are you using? and also let me know what kind of frames you want.

For example
If you just want a LEFT frame, page looks like:
|  |        |
|  |        |
|  |        |
|  |        |

And also where do you want your homepage to appear at?

sunrushAuthor Commented:
I am using FP98
I want to use the design you showed, left for navigation, and right for the main page, in which I want my home page to appear.
OK here is what you have to do step-by-step... :)

1) Open your "Web" in FP98
2) Click 'File', 'New' | 'Page'
3) Click the 'Frames' tab
4) You should select the one that says 'Contents' or look at the diagram they show you.
5) Click the right frame make sure there is a blue box around it, then hit
'Set Initial Page...', then select your home page.
6) For the left frame you either select another page or click the 'New Page' and start designing there.
7) When you save it, it will let you save each page.

I would suggest you change your default.htm named homepage to something like main.htm, and left frame to contents.htm and index.htm will be the combination of the two pages. which will be your main page.

You can name the htmls anything you want but the combination of the two should be index.htm or default.htm

Good luck,


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sunrushAuthor Commented:
OK, need to break this down a bit more.
When I open my web in FP98,in explorer, navigation view, I have two options of a new page.
1. Adds new page to the hierarchy connected below my home page.
2. Adds TOP PAGE next to my home page with no connection. ( I get this by left clicking once in an open spot in the navigation view, my home page folder turns yellow, I assume it is closing it, for it is gray when I first open my web.
If I used option #2, would it connect up after saving it?
Also, will "new page 1" or "top page" be the title that displays on the title bar in the browser?
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