Stupid Color conversion problem

Hi everybody, I'm making an HTML editor and got stuck while converting colors to hexadecimal values.
I'm using this code:


This code seems to work with almost all colors. However, when the color is either clRed, clBlue or clGreen, the conversion is done incorrectly.

how can in solve this problem?

thanks everybody.
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The color is actually stored in BGR form in the low order 3 bytes, so you will need to rearrange it...


pin_plunderAuthor Commented:
to easy for you, but ... how can i do that?
Like this:

  c : integer;
  s : String;

c := ColorToRGB(lblColorTexto.Font.Color);
c := (c and $FF) SHL 16 + // Red
     (c and $FF00) + // Green
     (c and $FF0000) SHR 16;  // Blue

s := IntToHex(c,6);




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pin_plunderAuthor Commented:
You saved my life again.

Why is this so complicated. I looked in the Delphi Help for the shl & shr operators, but didn't undertand a word.

The code you provided works and I'm glad about that, but could you please explain me what does it does exactly?

thanks a lot
A TColor stores its red, green and blue components in BGR order (rather than the RGB order you might expect).

So, to get the hex RGB string we need to rearrange the order of the RGB components from BGR to RGB. Each color component occupies one byte (8 bits) which is masked by $ff for R, $FF00 for B and $FF0000 for G. The shift operators move the R and B components to the correct places and OR (well, add) them back together again.

SHL and SHR do bitwise shifts. eg:

(Binary) 11110000 SHR 4 = 00001111

Make sense now?


pin_plunderAuthor Commented:
yes. Thanks a lot.
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