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splitting a file onto 2 floppys

Say I had a file that was 2MB and I wanted to save it on a floppy(3 1/2")is there a way using win95 or 98 to split the file (like an .exe file) onto 2 floppies? I've installed programs before using multiple floppies but don't think that windows provides a way to save files in this manner. If not, does anyone know a third party (windows compatible) program to do this?
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Yes, windows 95 does not provide this ability. But there is a freeware utility at the below site you can download that will split the file for you.

Technically it is a win3.x program, but it is compatible and will work with win95. Unsure about win98, but should work.

Make sure you have vbrun300.dll in your windows\system directory. The website provides this if you do not have it.

There is also another way of splitting a file onto multiple diskettes if you have winzip. First 'zip' up the file, then right click on the file and select make self extracting ( .exe ). Then you can choose the safe spanning option to cut up the file onto as much diskettes you need. Regards, reciprocity

Just been to another question like this.

Go to simtel and do a search in the dos section on the word carve

The file you are looking for is called carve20a.zip

This utility will cut file into chunks (you specify size) and reassemble them for you.

It is dos based I am afraid but is free.
i think the best method would be to use winzip. its reliable and it compresses the data. When your zipping the file just choose the a: and a spanning option should become available. good luck
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This is the best splitter, it will split 360k, 720k, 1.2mb, 1.44mb, 2.88mb and any size you spec.:

Somebody_elseAuthor Commented:
I am currently reviewing 2 programs listed here to see if they are acceptable (shredder/span_d). I appreciate the other comments and suggetions but these 2 were the easiest for me to get a hold of (with the links and all) I have winzip but in order to use the "make .exe" function I would have to add the zip2exe plugin, and I didn't have much luck in searching for it.

once again thank you all, I will make a decision on the 2 program suggestions (as said above) and if they both work I will issue 65 points to each party.(compmania and reciprocity).
Winzip will work if you have the winzip self extractor, you can download the shareware ver. here:

Somebody_elseAuthor Commented:
This program did work but compmania's program was my preferred out of the 2 offered. This was because of ease of use.

I wish to give compmania some points also so I will post a question just for you compmania.... here is the link to that question:

once again thank you all for your help.

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