How can i record movie from TV to CDRW?

Is it possible that I can record some movie form TV to my computer and record to CDRW?  If yes, what hardware and software do I need?
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Yes it's possible. You need quite few things.

Hardware - TV capture card, 1RCA-2RCA cable or S-video cable, big hard disk say around 3 or 4 gigs if you want your movie to look good.

Software - VirtualDub (Recommended), indeo and mpeg codec, Software that converts avi to mpeg format (DVMPEG or some simple software), VCDcutter to split your mpeg file into 650 mb each so that it can fit into cds.

Note that S-video cable can capture both sound and picture, if the capture card has both ports try to go with s-video port.  You can also use 1RCA-2RCA cable to connect that up with TV in port but you will have to have a soundcard that has a sound input port so you can capture sound.
If you are gonna be watching your movies on VCD players, then there's no need for you to convert the mpeg files to dat files (DAT files are VCD formats). Link for VirtualDub
You will have to find AVI to MPEG software by yourself, due to E-E policy I cannot give you the link for it. As for the codecs go here (indeo codec). (mpeg codec).

* the links I posted contain freeware software.... I don't know why I have to write this out.. LOL


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I use a Pinnacle Systems Studio MP10 capture card. It has real-time compression using MPEG1, so you only need 600meg/hour for 360x240 @ 30fps. If you need to put an entire movie (2 hours) on a single disk, then you'd have to drop the resolution considerably and it doesn't look very professional. Alternatively you could drop the frame rate, it all depends on the quality you need. This card is 212GBP. There is a non-professional Studio 400 card that uses indeo (no hardware coding) compression but only has a resolution of 250x120 @ 15fps. This card will store at 150meg/hour so it'll even queeze Hamlet on a CDRW and it costs only 85GBP!

The cards' come with decent frame manipulation and effects software that will suffice.

Any more info needed???
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