Shared borders!

Okay, I have a FP web named "intranet" and a subweb called "departments" (not a folder, a subweb!)
and under this web I have 5 subwebs.

The very first page has 2 shared borders, top and bottom and I want these shared borders to be included in the subwebs also.

Is there anyway to do this?

Thank you...
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Tina ClarkeCommented:
For fp98    Use a System Variable to Redirect to Another Page from the navigation bar.

1. Create a new page in FrontPage Explorer.

a. On the View menu, click Folders and then open your Web.
b. Click the New Page button on the toolbar. Name the page Link.htm and press ENTER.
c. Double-click Link.htm to open the page in FrontPage Editor.
d. On the File menu, click Page Properties, and then click the Custom tab.
e. In the System Variables (HTTP-EQUIV) section, click Add.
f. In the Name box, type "refresh" (without the quotation marks).
g. In the Value box, type "0; url=http://Server/Page.htm" (without the quotation marks) where http://Server/Page.htm is the absolute URL to the page you want to link to.
h. Click OK two times.
i. Save and close the page.

2. Add the newly created page to the navigation structure of your Web.

a. In FrontPage Explorer, click Navigation on the View menu.
b. Drag the Link.htm page to the position you want it in the navigation structure. For example, make it a child page of your home page.

3. Preview your home page in a Web browser and follow the link in the Navigation bar.

For FP2k

In Navigation view, right-click the page under which you want to add the external hyperlink, and then click External Hyperlink on the shortcut menu.
In the URL box, type the URL to the destination page. Or, do one of the following:
To add a hyperlink to a page in another web, navigate to the web in which the destination page is located, and then select it.
To add a hyperlink to a page on the World Wide Web, click World Wide Web . In your Web browser, browse to the page that you want, and then press ALT+TAB to switch back to Microsoft FrontPage. The location of the page you visited will be displayed in the URL box.
To add a hyperlink to a page on a file system, click File . Browse to the page you want from your local network, and then select the page.
You can change the position of the external hyperlink in the navigation structure by clicking and dragging the hyperlink to a different location.

the fp98 details are from my website. the fp2k is from the help file in fp2k.

You just regard subwebs as an external link.

regards Tina Clarke


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HocamAuthor Commented:
My case is a bit different than it seems, but you have listed very useful information.

You earn your points, by the way the resource link you have included is great.

If you need any graphics work done or a new web hosting service let me know,

Thank you for your time...
Serkan Yildirimturk
Tina ClarkeCommented:
Thanks:) the way reading your question again...though I am not sure exactly what the difference in your case using the info above you can do it in reverse with your subwebs to the 'main web'...if I can help any more email me:) Tina
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