Canon 6100

Error message is "error writing to LPT1"
I have checked LPT settings and even reinstalled port. Have followed all guidlines in tech book and CD-ROM i.e. the printer is selected, the port is selected, I've tried with "print directly to printer", turned off bi-directional support, all is back on again as the error message still appears. Drivers are current. I have installed this on another machine here in the office and same message. We had HP printers and they worked fine till they died. Could this be some sort of .ini problem?
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michelewellsAuthor Commented:
Have tried the Dos C:\windows\DIR>LPT1 and get message "write fault error writing device LPT1"
1. Check your cable It needs to say IEEE-1284 compliant... if it does nto say this get one that does.

2. Make sure any previous printer you had is completely uninstalled

3. Make sure the printer is connected direct no switchboxes or running through other ports

4. When your computer boots up it will say press this key to enter setup press that key then go under integrated perphrials or ports look for the lpt1 port setting set to either SPP (standard Parallel Port), normal, or Bi-directional whichever mode you have in your bios.

I would say from what you have wrote it is one of three possibilities

1. bad cable or incorrect cable

2. previous printer drivers have the lpt1 port locked uninstall them and check the win.ini for the previous printer remark any lines that pertain to the previous printer

3. The port mode in the bios is incorrect

4. Bad parallel port on the printer (try another printer on the pc if it works then this is most likely the problem)

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michelewellsAuthor Commented:
Turned out to be a bad port pin! The problem was on again/off again and I finally got it down to the connector on the MB itself. I replaced the MB and all is working fine now. Thanks for pointing the way!
your welcome
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