Future of PHP?

What does the future for PHP look like? In particular; compared to ASP,Cold Fusion, Pearl/CGI, Java. And with reference to security issues and server/platform support. And what platforms and browser versions and databases support it??? I know nothing about it except my server admin suggested I look into it after begrudgingly hosting my ASP driven site.... sorry only got 8 points left....
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grchrisAuthor Commented:
also(as if that wasn't enough), can it create a little application that I can post information to as pearl can. That way I can link it up with Macromedia shockwave applications....?
If anyone answers this, thankyou very much in advance; and I'll know you're not doing it out of greed...  :)
Quite a lot is tied up in Zend, the engine that powers PHP. Check out it's web site @ http://www.zend.com and wait until the new version is up.
One of the things that Zend will do is to produce an engine like the one you're talking about, so that you can create PHP executables.
Other than checking out the Zend site when it does eventually open, I can only suggest reading up about the PHP4 betas at http://www.php.net

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Take a look at it :
grchrisAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that helps somewhat....
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