floppy drive failure (40)

hey, i was installin a zip drive into my computer a while back.  i unplugged the band on the floppy drive to make room for my hand to plug in the zip drive.  i forgot to replug the band for the floppy when i turned the computer on so i got a notice in the boot sequence, "floppy drive failure (40)"
so now every time i turn on my computer i have to hit f1 to start the boot sequence.  i have checked the cmos and bios, i have tried uninstalling the whole thing and reinstalling it.  but nothing seems to work.  no one ever seems to have an answer for me either.
so i will award 200 points to who ever
answers this correctly.
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Right Click My Computer and choose Properties and in the Device manager double click the floppy drive and uncheck the 'Check for floppy drive on start up' (Something like that). It should work.
tisimarkAuthor Commented:
i want the drive to still operate.
The ZIP drive is an internal one, right?

Had you re-installed the floppy drive back correctly? (ex: BIOS settings, ribbon cable)

Do you wanna use both ZIP & floopy drive together?
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go in to the bios and load bios defaults and then intall it new on the bios
There are Two connectors on a floppy drive. Te small power connector and a larger ribbon cable. Both need to be connected correcly. This includes correct cable polarity. It is very easy to replace the data ribbon cable incorrectly. The side with the red stripe is where pin 1 is located and should go in accordingly. I have also seen cases where the cable is placed on only 1 row of the pins, instead of both rows. Please check this out, it will definitely cause the problems you cited. Since you ded not change anything else, I do not beleive it is a BIOS or software problem.
I hope this helps.

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tisimarkAuthor Commented:
well that was dumb of me, i had the band connector upside down.  its workin now thanx a lot.  
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